The yearly Organizational Meeting and the Regular Council Meeting were both held.  Council’s meeting schedule was passed for the 2022/2023 year and were set for every third Monday.  The Boards and Committees remained the same until a new councillor is named to replace Chris Stadnyk who resigned in September.

Delegates from Eagle Tower Victim Services addressed Council regarding the proposed Victim Services Redesign that was recently announced by the Minister of Justice.  If the Redesign goes forward all 62 police-based Victim Services units would be eliminated and replaced by boards serving four zones.  Council will be sending a letter to the Minister of Justice voicing their concern over the negative impacts that this would have on our community.  Losing the valuable service this program provides to rural Albertans would prove to be detrimental.  Council will be asking that the province reaches out to municipalities and Victim Services units to build and create a better redesign that will benefit all Albertans and Programs throughout the province.

The Director of Recreation is happy to report that the Dog Park is up and running.  Many residents have taken their dogs there and enjoy the large area it provides for their dogs to run and socialize with other dogs.

The Director of Recreation also reported that as summer comes to an end the campgrounds and Splash Park are now closed for the season.  Flowers have been removed throughout the Town and soon fall/winter displays will replace the spring/summer ones.

A great big thank you goes out to these businesses and all they do to help our community. Advantage North for all their work at the Kin Ball Diamonds.  3 Boys for their wonderful donation to Nerf Wars with 20 new guns, bullets and batteries.  Rival Trucking for the donation of Gatorade and lunch at the Color Me Fun Run, which was a huge success!  And thank you to all the great volunteers for our events!

The Direct of Operations reported the new street sweeper has been out and busy.  As the cold temperatures start it will be parked and crews will be getting things ready for the winter months.

The Chief Administrative Officer reported the Multiplex Canopy project is underway and when complete the snow will not be a hazard as it has been in the past winters.

The Town Office has temporarily relocated to the Protective Services Building and Administration is putting together a Request for Proposal for the Administration Office Project.  Once all proposals are in further discussion will take place with Council on how to proceed with the project.

The Clinic reported a new physician is coming in October.  They are happy to welcome Dr. Ghauri to Fox Creek.