During their annual Organizational Meeting, Council unanimously agreed to continue holding Regular Meetings every three weeks on Monday at 6:30 PM. For any members of the public interested in attending, until further notice, the meetings will continue to be held at the Fox Creek Protective Services Building’s Upstairs Training Room and upon entry into the building attendees will be required to fill out a COVID-19 pre-access screening checklist. Administration is also working to improve the audio so those interested in attending via Zoom will be able to do so more effectively.

The Director of Community Services introduced to Council the new Community Adult Learning Program (CALP) facilitator, Lisa Goodick, who began her new position that same day. The Town is excited to have her on board and looks forward to what she has to offer the position.

The Fox Creek Greenview Multiplex has begun Fitness Centre orientations for people aged 12-17. The orientation introduces teens to the centre’s available equipment and teaches them how to safely use each piece. It also lets those teens know what the Fitness Centre’s procedures are and proper workout etiquette. The program has seen as many as 28 teens to date, including the Ice Kings team.

The Community Peace Officer reported that, over his 5 weeks in the role, he has entered 35 Occurrences into Report EXE, which is a program that tracks reported bylaw violations and calls. Of the 35 Occurrences, 10 were unsightly properties, 5 Animal Control Bylaw concerns, 17 non-moving traffic concerns, 11 public assistance, 6 assisting other departments, and 1 COVID related concern (NO threat). Note, that the Occurrences can fall under multiple categories.