The Director of Community Services reported that the Community Resource Centre has been awarded a micro-grant which will allow them to take part in a Homelessness Estimation Project. This project will gather data from our area regarding housing security and once analysed by Alberta Rural Development Network, will help assist our community advocate for affordable housing needs.

The ice at the Pembina Arena was completed September 4, 2020. The ice was to be installed at an earlier date but due to an issue was delayed a week. Schedules for the arena are in their final phases and will be advertised as soon as possible, however the community can expect it to look similar to that of last year. The Director of Recreation also reported that Minor Hockey is set to start September 14th.

Acting Director of Operations announced that the re-surfacing of Kaybob Drive will commence within the next week and is expected to take about seven (7) weeks to complete, weather dependent.

The Chief Administrative Officer reported on the completion of the Town’s new billboard. The billboard is located at the Fox Creek Airport along the north-bound side of Highway 43. The sign highlights some of our community’s resources and keeps inline with the Town’s new style/image.

Administration was excited to announce the hiring of the new Bylaw Enforcement Officer, Kris Ferguson, who started with the Town on September 1st. With Council’s appointment of Kris by way of motion, he is now able to enforce our community’s bylaws.

Council has directed Administration to move forward with the Municipal Stimulus Program Grant application for the removal of the Derald Palmer Memorial Arena. The removal of the old arena will open up the opportunity of potentially creating an outdoor rink, a lacrosse area, or other recreational amenities.

The Chief Administrative Officer brought a Request for Decision forward to Council regarding Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.’s Certificate of Variance from Alberta Environment and Parks. The certificate of variance was obtained by the company for them to be able to continue to operate their beehive burner, which was decommissioned in December of 2019. Conditions of the certificate of variance included that money be submitted to Alberta Environment and Parks while the burner was in operation, and that those payments be allocated to the Town of Fox Creek for a community environmental project. After some discussion, Council directed Administration to request the funds for the following projects:

  1. Backup generators for the Water Treatment Plant, Lift Station 1, and Lift Station 2.
  2. The hiring of divers for the Water Tower, old clearwell, and new water treatment clearwell.
  3. Maintenance to the Septage Station.
  4. Completion of the well field across from the highway. Which will provide a larger supply of water to the community.
  5. A salt and sand shed at the Public Works Shop.