Council was introduced to our community’s new Junior A Hockey Team, the Fox Creek Ice King’s General Manager and Head Coach Dean Whitney, who discussed the status of the team’s athletes. Coach Whitney told Council that the team consists of players from all over Canada, the US and once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, even Russia. The community can look forward to seeing all the players, including Fox Creek’s own Nate Scobey, at their first game on October 16th.

The Acting Director of Operations reported to Council about the recent water leak on 7th Street that occurred on September 8th and resulted in water being turned off to that and neighbouring streets. The cause of the leak was reported as being an old repair clamp on the line that had rotted off. Repairs took longer than expected due to staff being required to make a trip to Grande Prairie for parts. Further repairs will be performed in spring 2021.

Administration, along with the Coalition for Safer Alberta Highways, and Chevron, had a meeting with the Department of Transportation regarding the speed limit decrease requested for Highway 43 through Fox Creek. Unfortunately, the group did not receive a positive answer from the Department but was asked to investigate and provide further information about the types of loads being hauled through these intersections.

Council has given first reading to Land Use Bylaw Amendment 824-2019-A01, which, upon passing, will  lead to the recently subdivided lot of the Old Skatepark being rezoned to Direct Control from its previous Urban Services classification and allow the Town of Fox Creek to advertise the lot for sale. The amendment bylaw will also allow businesses in the various commercial/industrial districts of Fox Creek to utilize a wider range of signage, including A-Boards, awnings, canopies, and wall signs. Prior to the final two readings, a Public Hearing will be held to allow for community feedback.

Council has also motioned to maintain the ATCO Gas and Electric Franchise Fees that were established in 2019 for the year 2020. As advertised last year, our current ATCO Gas franchise fee is 15% and ATCO Electric Franchise Fee is 6.5% and will remain so for the 2021 year.

An open letter regarding the Stollery will be signed by the Mayor on behalf of the Town of Fox Creek and sent to Premier Jason Kenney. The letter is requesting the provincial government continue ongoing support, sustainable funding, and the prioritization of children’s health in our province to ensure long-term, positive outcomes for Alberta’s next generation.