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Census 2019

Census 2019

Why Does the Town of Fox Creek Need to Conduct a Census?

  • Many grants from other levels of government are calculated on a per capita basis. We need an accurate count of our population to maximize those grants.
  • We need to understand population demographics, growth patterns and how the community is changing to plan for municipal services now and long term.
  • A higher census count will aid us in business attention and attraction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important that I be counted?

The Town of Fox Creek will only receive grants for the people identified in the census. Likewise, we can only plan and deliver services for the people we know are there. Ensuring you are counted is an important step in helping civic services reach you and your family.

How do I complete the municipal census?

Filling out your census online is the easiest way. Each residential unit in Fox Creek will receive a door hanger with a unique code and website address. Compete it online and you could win a great prize!

Will a census enumerator come to my door?

Not if you complete the census online. Otherwise, a census enumerator will visit your house and can be identified by a photo ID with the Town of Fox Creek logo. If census enumerators do not find residents at home, they will leave a call-back notice instructing residents how they can have their information included in the census.

How long will it take to answer the questions?

A few minutes at most.

How is the Town protecting privacy of information provided?

No data on any individual residence will be released. Public reports will only provide information on neighbourhoods and the entire community.

What about people who are in the process of moving?

The census is a count of all people who live in Fox Creek on June 10, 2019. Information will be based on where people are living on that day.

Is the Census being carried out only in Fox Creek?

Each municipality chooses when to conduct a census and runs each one independently.

Will hotels and motels be counted?

Census staff are responsible for identifying every Fox Creek resident. They will inquire in all hotels and motels whether there are any persons using suites as permanent residences. Census staff will stop at businesses to check whether there are living quarters on the premises.

When will the final results be released to the public?

Census results will be released in the Fall of 2019.