Executive Director of the Peace Airshed Zone Association, Elizabeth Bell, presented to Council an overview of the association’s mission as well as proposed an opportunity for the Fox Creek community. She began the presentation with an explanation on what an Airshed is, which is easily defined as a geographic region that shares similar air quality characteristics. With Airsheds in place, regional air quality can be monitored.

Executive Director Bell finished by informing Council of the association’s plan of placing a portable monitoring station in the community, which is currently not monitored. The placement of the station will be at no cost to the community and may ultimately be replaced with a permanent station. All that was requested of Council was to choose from the provided ideal locations for the station’s placement, which will be taken into consideration and determined at the next Council Meeting.

Newly appointed Fire Chief Watson presented his first report to Council. In it, he mentioned the current dry conditions being experienced provincewide, including Fox Creek. The town is currently under the provincially mandated Fire Restriction which prohibits the issuing of fire permits, but still allows for private backyard fires in approved pits. Chief Watson also reported that the department currently has 25 active members with the potential of recruiting more in the fall.

The Director of Community Resources reported that the Fox Creek Food Bank was accessed a total of 18 times in the month of June. Currently, our local Food Bank only permits 1 visit per month, per household, to a total of 6 visits in a calendar year.

Fans of hockey and recreational ice skating will be happy to hear that the ice in the Pembina Arena will be installed on August 16th, for the 2021-2022 season.

Director of Operations reported the completion of the Kaybob Drive Resurfacing Project. A walkthrough was completed on July 14 to go over any and all deficiencies remaining. MPE & E-Construction will be returning to clean up the deficiencies, which include landscaping, a missed crosswalk painting, and a couple of issues that have been observed.

After previously being directed by Council to obtain a quote for the upgrades required on Kin 1 and Kin 2, Administration has brought forward the recommendation that repairs be added to the 2022 Capital Budget. Repairs would consist of scraping down the surfaces by 4-6 inches, and then building them back up with shale. All repairs would be conducted using Town equipment and labour, however the cost of the shale (roughly 350 yards is required) would be considerable enough to warrant the project being added to next year’s Capital Budget.

Fox Creek Town Council is excited to announce that it has approved the donation of the Fox Creek Community Hall for an October 29, 2021, Gord Bamford concert. They have also directed Administration to reach out to the community’s not for profit groups offering them a chance at hosting the event as a fundraiser for their group. Requirements for the event will be shared to ensure the groups know whether hosting is feasible for their prospective group. Groups will be asked to present an event plan for Council’s final choosing and are definitely welcome to teaming up with other groups for this concert. If you are a member of one of Fox Creek’s not for profit groups, stay tuned for more information to come your way in the next couple weeks.

Council has approved the early closure of the Fox Creek Greenview Multiplex on August 6, 2021.  The closure will allow for staff members of the facility to attend the dinner portion of the Town’s Annual Golf Tournament. This tournament is a staff appreciation event, and it is important to provide all staff an opportunity to attend in one way or another. As such, the Multiplex will be closing at 5:00pm on Friday August 6th. True North Taphouse will still be accessible during their regular hours for in-person dining.

During the June 28, 2021, Regular Meeting of Council, a delegation from Northern Gateway School Division requested support from the Town of Fox Creek to assist in the rehabilitation of the Fox Creek School Field. After doing some research, Administration brought forward a recommendation that Council approve the donation of the water required for the field, which will be provided via a 2” water line that was previously used to fill the outdoor pool. Council unanimously agreed to this recommendation with the stipulation that a meter be installed, and the water donation be capped at $20,000.00.