The Director of Recreation updated Council of the progress being made on the removal of the Derald Palmer Memorial Arena. The abatement, de-energizing of the site, and the capping of the gas line was all completed prior to the end of May 2021. Machinery began showing up the first week of June and began the demolition and removal of the debris that same week. The estimated completion date for the whole project is June 25, 2021.

Also reported was the installation of “Pick Up After Your Pet” signs around the community’s trails, paths, and parks.

Canada Day plans are well underway with Horizon North scheduled to provide breakfast between 7:30am and 9:30am. Similar to last year, the breakfast will be served “drive-thru” style at the Community Hall. Freson Bros will also be offering a BBQ lunch by donation in its parking lot area. Money raised during this lunch will be donated to our local Food Bank. The parade will once again go from Silver Birch Golf Course, down 7th Avenue, Hammond Drive, and finish at the Fox Creek Greenview Multiplex. We will then end the day off with fireworks at the Oasis Park.

Our MP, Arnold Viersen attended the Council meeting via Zoom to discuss the Town’s request for Fox Creek to be included in the Northern Living Allowance. As it is now, the cut-off line just misses our community though the program is intended for rural towns just like ours. Mr. Viersen mentioned that he is currently developing a petition to bring forward as well as conversing with other communities also left out of the program.