At 4pm today, the Municipal District of Greenview No.16 will move back to Watch Status on the Provincial Relaunch Status Map. This includes all municipalities within the MD’s boundaries. I am able to share the following high-level data for the area:

  • 15 active cases, for a case rate of 99.6 per 100,000 people;
  • 6/15 have a known source of exposure (five are linked to outbreaks);
  • 9/15 have an unknown source of exposure.


Following the announcement on November 6 by Premier Kenney and Dr. Hinshaw, areas under Watch Status will now have a mandatory 15 person limit on social and family gatherings – indoors and outdoors – where people are mixing and mingling. This applies to all social gatherings, including but not limited to:

  • banquets and award ceremonies;
  • wedding or funeral receptions;
  • luncheons or potlucks;
  • parties: birthday, baby showers, retirement, dinners, backyard BBQs;
  • other private social gatherings and functions.


This mandatory measure does not apply to structured events, including but not limited to:

  • seated-audience conferences, sports and shows;
  • dining in restaurants;
  • fitness centres;
  • funeral services;
  • wedding ceremonies;
  • worship services.


Additionally, all residents and visitors of communities on the watch list are recommended to adhere to the following voluntary measures:

  • Limit your cohorts to no more than 3: your core household, your school, and one other sport or social cohort. Young children who attend child care could be part of 4 cohorts, given that child care settings have not been a high risk for spread.
  • Wear a mask in all indoor work settings, except when alone in a workspace like an office or cubicle where you are safely distanced from others, or an appropriate barrier is in place.


Thank you,

Greg Murphy
Alberta Health Emergency Operations Centre
2nd Floor, ATB Place North
10025 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta   T5J 1S6