Media Release for Joint Force Operation September 2, 2022, in Fox Creek

By Wes Kardash, Peace Officer,
CVSA and Dangerous Goods Inspector,
Fox Creek Protective Services

Last week, Fox Creek Protective Services joined forces with Greenview Enforcement Services and conducted a passenger and commercial vehicle safety compliance check in Fox Creek.

Throughout the day, members checked 24 vehicles and noted 73 violations. 3 commercial vehicles were weighed on site and 6 were CVSA inspected.

Of the 24 vehicles checked, 7 were transporting Dangerous Goods, all 6 CVSA inspected commercial vehicles had major defects and were placed out-of-service, 2 commercial vehicles were overweight, 1 commercial driver was issued a 24hr licence suspension for cannabis consumption and the commercial vehicle was seized.

Some of the 73 violations included:
1 transporting cannabis in an open container and within easy access to the commercial driver
6 overweight – exceed max allowable weight on axle groups, gross weight, and certificate of registration
16 cargo securement
2 Dangerous Goods
One of the commercial vehicles weighed was found to be 7,000 KG overweight.
10 violation tickets and 63 warnings were issued.

Peace Officers are seeing an increased number of unsafe vehicles out on our roads and can’t stress enough how important it is to ensure all drivers conduct proper daily trip inspections in accordance with Schedule 1 of the NSC STD 13 Part 2 of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation.

Ensuring vehicles are safe to operate is everyone’s responsibility. Peace Officers will continue to work together dedicating their time to public safety and infrastructure protection.