Regional Companies to Share Forestry Plans at Virtual Open Houses

WHITECOURT, ALBERTA, April 2024—This spring, forest companies ANC Timber (Alberta Newsprint Company), West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. (Blue Ridge Lumber), and Weyerhaeuser Company – Pembina will be holding “joint open houses”, to share forestry operating plans for the year ahead. These events provide the general public and stakeholders with the opportunity to review each company’s planned activities in road development, harvesting, hauling, reforestation and herbicide treatment for the current forestry year. Public stakeholder input is gathered and utilized to influence operations where site specific concerns are identified such as trails, camping areas, recreation areas etc.

Dates and Locations Companies Attending

April 29 – Fox Creek Multiplex Lobby – 5pm-8pm BRL & ANC

April 30 – Whitecourt Allan and Jean Millar Centre 5pm-8pm BRL & ANC

May 1 – Edson Repsol Place Main Lobby. 5pm-8pm BRL, ANC & Weyerhaeuser

May 2 – Swan Hills Community Club 5pm-8pm BRL

We would also like to invite you to visit the websites below to view each companies upcoming forest activities. We will have a variety of plans available for review including: Annual Operating Plans for 2024-2025 season; Company Reforestation Plans; and Herbicide Treatment Plans.

Alberta Newsprint Company (ANC)

West Fraser Timber Ltd

Weyerhaeuser Pembina

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