Press Release

April 10, 2024


On March 28, 2024, Alberta’s Government, through the Minister of Forestry and Parks announced that they will be providing the Town of Fox Creek with additional funding to support the further creation of Fireguards around the community and critical infrastructure.   

The Town of Fox Creek is excited to announce that we have been successful with our application to the Minister of Forestry and Parks for additional funding to complete the Fireguards identified in the Town’s Wildfire Mitigation Plan. The recently received funding will be utilized to widen and clear woody debris around vital town infrastructure and utility items, to widen key areas of existing fireguards and to create new fireguards protecting the areas North and West of town.

Water is a necessity for fighting a fire. Through the added protection of both the Water Treatment Plant and Water well sites, this additional funding allows us to not only improve public safety and protection but helps ensure that the necessary resources are available should they be required.

“Staff have worked extremely hard over the last 6 months to work in partnership with the province on the creation of a Wildfire Mitigation Plan. The completion of this plan has allowed us to secure the funding needed to become a fully protected community. We are grateful for the support received on this project from the province as we work towards being as prepared as we can be moving forward.”  – Mayor Sheila Gilmour

The province is helping at-risk communities cover the costs associated with building fireguards. Fireguards are areas near or surrounding communities where vegetation has been removed. They break the path of a wildfire and cut it off from fuel sources that could drive it towards a community. The Community Fireguard Program aims to lessen the repercussions of wildfires and foster wildfire resilience throughout the province.

Having a wide, open corridor will also help mitigate fires that have spread into the canopy of the trees, also known as crown fires. Crown fires are generally the most intense and present a unique danger. Under the right conditions, the fire’s heat and embers can “jump” from treetop to treetop, allowing it to spread farther and faster. A fireguard can help to prevent this type of spread, potentially turning a crown fire into a surface fire that is generally more manageable.

In the coming weeks, staff will be working on the preparation of a tender document for the project. The tender will be released on the Town’s social media and website and will include all the required information for parties interested in bidding on the work. The timelines for bid submissions and review by Council will be included in the released tender.

For more information, please contact:

Kristen Milne
Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Fox Creek
102 Kaybob Drive, PO Box 149,
Fox Creek, AB T0H 1P0
(P) 780-622-3896