Press Release

October 23, 2023


Introducing, the newest fiber internet provider in Fox Creek. Northern Lights Fiber is building lightning fast, unlimited internet to better serve our community.

The Town of Fox Creek is excited to announce that an agreement has been reached with Northern Lights Fiber to provide fiber internet to the community.

Northern Lights Fiber is a Peace Country owned company, investing to build new internet infrastructure to deliver super fast, reliable internet to rural and remote communities that need better internet.

As today’s world continues to evolve, the importance of rural connectivity is becoming increasingly apparent. Today’s networks have become fundamental to an evolving global economy and Canadians have come to depend on high-speed broadband for essential services and as a means of communication. This additional service will provide Fox Creek with an opportunity to position itself as a leader in Rural Connectivity. It will also support our local businesses, will put Fox Creek in a better position when attracting new businesses and will provide an increased quality of life to families as they navigate through their needs of day-to-day connectivity in their homes.

“We are excited to welcome Northern Lights Fiber to our community. The addition of this high-speed network is an opportunity for economic growth and significantly enhances Fox Creek’s connectivity options for both local businesses and residents. The opportunity to have fast, reliable internet in your home and business will position Fox Creek to continue to be a place that families, individuals, and businesses can call home, a home that provides the necessary infrastructure to stay reliably connected to the rest of the world. Improving this service will open new doors for our local businesses and provide improved quality of life for our residents” – Mayor Sheila Gilmour

Construction is slated to start this week. You will begin to see flags and paint on the easement in front of your property as the team gets ready to drill, hydrovac and excavate for the installation of the new infrastructure.

Northern Lights Fibre will update their Facebook page and their website

Whether you would like to connect to fiber-based internet now, or if you want the option to connect in the future, it is important that Northern Lights Fibre hears from every home and business to ensure your property is connected to this new digital infrastructure.


For more information, please contact:
Kristen Milne
Chief Administrative Officer Town of Fox Creek

102 Kaybob Drive, PO Box 149,
Fox Creek, AB T0H 1P0
(P) 780-622-3896

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