The Town of Fox Creek along with Chevron Canada and LaPrairie Group is excited to announce that we will be entering an agreement to discuss possible commercial development options and increased air travel for Fox Creek. The development of the Airport lands will help us explore different ways to maximize this area for the benefit and betterment of Fox Creek.

Chevron has released the following statement with regards to this exciting venture;

“Chevron Canada Limited is willing to explore any opportunities that enhance the safety of its personnel and operations, including those related to upgrades and maintenance at the Fox Creek Airport. We are currently in exploratory discussions regarding the Town of Fox Creek Airport.”

If you have any questions on this matter, please feel free to contact the town office and speak with the Economic Development Department at 780-622-3896.

This is for exploring ideas, no commitments have been made by any of the parties involved.

As per Motion 203-19, there will be an Open Session starting at 6:00 PM before the regular scheduled Council Meeting on June 10th, 2019 for Public Questions or Concerns regarding this matter. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Please see the Public Notice with regards to the Airport Lands. Click here to read or download.