Camping is a wonderful and traditional pastime for many Canadians. It allows for people to unwind, unplug, connect with people and nature, and camping of course helps us develop new skills.

Fox Creek has the privilege of having great campgrounds at Smoke Lake and Iosegun Lake that are both only a short drive away. These campgrounds have been utilized by many long-time residents and newcomers to our community, as well as visitors from elsewhere.

Many people may not realize that having them is great for local economy! Not only from camping fees but from the tourism that having nice campgrounds brings, and of course tourism means additional spending at our local business establishments.

We want to make sure that our campgrounds stay the nice hospitable places we have come to know, and that new people will come to love. Thus, in light of the recent thefts and vandalisms occurring at both Smoke Lake and Iosegun Lake campgrounds, the Town of Fox Creek will be taking some precautions to ensure and maintain a positive camping experience.

Beginning August 3, 2021, portions of both campgrounds will be locked to the general public and access given only to registered campers in that particular loop.

It is important to note that the whole of both campgrounds will not be gated/locked, just portions.

Those interested in securing a camping space in the gated areas will need to contact our operators, For-Site Environmental Services Ltd. to obtain the pass code.

Woodsheds in unlocked/ungated loops will also be locked and access only given to those with camping stalls.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding of the reasons behind taking these precautions and thank you for helping us maintain our beautiful campgrounds.

For more information or reservations, we encourage everyone to contact For-Site Environmental Services Ltd. at:

Phone:             780-622-5503



Kristen Milne
Chief Administrative Officer