The Town of Fox Creek will be placing a 75% Road Ban on 3rd Street East (Iosegun Lake Road). This Road Ban will be in effect March 20, 2019 to mid-June 2019.


The following vehicles are exempt from the road ban:

  • A vehicle in respect of which the combined gross weight of all the axles of the vehicle does not exceed 5000 kilograms.
  • A school bus as defined in the Use of Highway and Rules of Road Regulation.
  • A vehicle operated by or on behalf of the Government for the purpose of testing pavement strength.

If a road ban is in effect the following public vehicles may carry on the axles on that highway up to 90% of the maximum allowable weight permitted for that single axle or axle group:

  1. A vehicle transporting
    1. bread,
    2. mail as defined in the Canada Post Corporation Act (Canada),
  2. a bus, other than a school bus, carrying passengers,
  3. domestic drinking water is limited to 80% of the maximum allowable weight.

Exemptions are as per Section 12, subsections 5 and 6 of the Commercial Vehicle Dimension and Weight Regulation, Traffic Safety Act.

For a Road Ban Exemption Permit please email or call 780-622-3896.

A Road Use Agreement may exempt road bans on Town Roads. Please inquire at or call the Town Office at 780-622-3896.

For any more information pertaining to the Road Ban, please contact


This update is to advise that the 75% Road Ban on 3rd Avenue (Iosegun Lake Road) in the Town of Fox Creek starts at 2nd Avenue by the Paramount Office where the road ban sign is located, not at Highway 43.

We apologize for any misinformation that has been given out about the starting location of the road ban.

If you have any questions please contact or call 780-622-3896