Town of Fox Creek Administration Building

Proposal Due Date: Monday, November 21, 2022
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Brief Overview:

The Town of Fox Creek is looking to contract the renovation of, and addition to, the Fox Creek Administration Building including the completion of the finished landscaping.

The Town intends to renovate the existing space of 383 SQM which will include the correction of existing issues that currently exist in the structure.

The renovation will include the installation of a new vault area, and demolition of some interior walls to accommodate the new proposed floor-plan.
The Town also intends to add on to the existing structure to accommodate the growing number of staff required to serve the community. The 360 SQM addition will include the construction of new office spaces, washroom facilities, council chambers and staff room.

The proposed schematic design of the new Administration Office have been completed in consultation with Voshell Architecture and Design Inc. but the Town reserves the right to modify the design for cost savings and efficiencies. The Electrical, Mechanical and Structural drawings and specifications are to be included in the contractor proposal as the Town prefers to design these with the selected contractor.


1. The Town will notify the Successful Respondent of the award within sixty (60) calendar days of the Proposal Closing date.
2. Notices of Acceptance of Proposal will be by telephone and by written notice.
3. The successful Respondent shall provide the Town with any required documents within fifteen (15) calendar days of the date of notification of award.
4. Following receipt of the documents, the Successful Respondent will receive written authority, in the form of a Service Agreement, to proceed with the work.
5. The successful respondent will be required to attend a Project Initiation Meeting with the Town, on site, prior to the start of the project and prepare minutes for the meeting.

Download the complete specifications here.