Town of Fox Creek Multiplex Food Facilities

Proposal Due Date: Friday, September 2, 2022
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The Town of Fox Creek (hereinafter referred to as “the Town”) invites interested parties to submit proposals for the operation of the Concession located in the Fox Creek Greenview Multiplex.

Three (3) copies of the proposal shall be submitted signed, sealed, and delivered, courtesy of the Chief Administrative Officer to the Town of Fox Creek.

Project Summary:
The Town is attempting to procure the services of a private establishment or not for profit group (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) to develop, improve, manage, and operate the concession area for the Fox Creek Greenview Multiplex located on the second floor next to the Pembina Arena.

Other amenities in the Multiplex include an arena, aquatic centre, fieldhouse, fitness centre, walking track, and meeting rooms. During 2022, these amenities have brought in an average of 180 people per day, with an expectation that this number will increase during hockey season.

a. Restaurant:
The restaurant has a 485 sq. ft. kitchen and a 1200 sq. ft. seating area. The following items will be included in the lease agreement: Bunn coffee and hot drink systems, range with 2 open burners, 24” fry top, deep fryer, freezer, cooler, work top cooler, warming cabinet, rapid cook over, 14 tables, and 56 chairs.

b. Operational Requirements:
The Company supplying these services must be experienced in the food, beverage, concession, restaurant, etc. industry and be able to operate the concession in an economical, effective, healthy, and safe manner conducive of local, provincial, and federal regulations.

It is the responsibility of the Company to obtain all pertinent operational permits and licenses.

Minimum hours of operation will be 4:00 pm and 10:00 pm Monday – Friday and Weekends during hockey season. It is the Town’s expectation that the Concession be open during all hockey games and tournaments. Summer hours may be negotiated.

c. Leasing:
The Company will be required to sign a lease agreement with the Town. The Company can expect a monthly rent totaling $600.00, which encompasses the Concession Kitchen and seating area. A damage deposit of $2000.00 will be required.

The successful Company will be given the first month free of rent. 

Scope of Service:
The Company shall address and provide all the information requested under this proposal with respect to the following objectives, and provisions for the previously described project.

Company Provided Products and Services
 As a minimum, the scope of services shall include the following:Quality family style concession products, meals, snacks and beverages at a reasonable price.

  1. A high quality and pleasant system of product and service delivery and associated sanitary disposal.
  2. A clean, sanitary, and healthy system of facility (including the restaurant seating area) and equipment maintenance conducive to Town, provincial and federal regulations.
  3. An operator who can order, purchase, dispense, inventory, track, control, and handle the waste stream of all products, materials, and supplies involved in the operation.
  4. An operation which is reliable, responsible, and responsive to the needs of the customers and patrons.
  5. An operation that is focused on filling the needs of the facility by providing, quick, family friendly food, suitable for hockey games, birthday parties, day camps and other events that will take place in the Multiplex.

Proposal Details:
In making a proposal, the Company shall include the following information for the concession:

1. Operational Information:

  •  Business plan: (a) months, days, and hours of operation (see previously stated Operational Requirements); (c) employee, responsible organization contacts, telephone number, email, and addresses.
  • Example of menu selections and associated prices.
  • Example of facility area maintenance schedule for bussing of food, garbage removal, cleaning (kitchen and food preparation equipment), etc.
  • Special rates for private rentals (e.g. birthday parties)

2. Specific Proposal Items to Address:

  • Facility atmosphere, theme or setting proposal changes or modifications.
  • Proposed concession name.
  • How do you plan to accommodate periods of high food service demand to ensure adequate product delivery?
  • Ability to obtain insurance, permits and licenses.
  • Proposal for catering, food service promotions and advertising.

RFP Submittal and Timetable:

The proposal due date is Monday, September 2, 2022 at 4:30 pm.
Proposal can be submitted by mail to:

Town of Fox Creek
C/O Chief Administrative Officer
102 Kaybob Drive, PO Box 149
Fox Creek, AB T0H 1P0

Or email to:

Town of Fox Creek
C/O Chief Administrative Officer 
Subject: Multiplex Concession RFP Proposal

The Town of Fox Creek reserves the right to reject any and all proposal. In the event that it becomes necessary to revise this Request for Proposal (RFP), an addendum to this RFP will be provided. The Town also reserves the right to change submission dates for any reason. Late proposals will not be accepted.

The Town thanks all applicants for their proposals, however only the successful bid (bidders) will be contacted.