July 22, 2019

With weather improving, and residents looking for ways for their families to cool down, we would like to address the ongoing concerns with the Splash Park regularly being down.

Unfortunately, with the current set up of the system, the pumps have been vulnerable to corrosion, likely from the humidity within the shed and the chemicals being used. It is the result of these issues that has required the pumps to be taken in for repair, leaving the Splash Park inoperable for the past few weeks. After assessing the existing pumps, it was recommended that new pumps be ordered. The new pumps are to arrive by Thursday July 25, and provided that the water sample to be sent to Whitecourt passes testing, the Splash Park will be open Friday.

The Town of Fox Creek realizes this has been an ongoing issue since the Splash Park’s unveiling. Accordingly, steps have and will continue to be taken to prevent further corrosion of the pumps, and an assessment company will also be brought in to determine what is required to ensure the Splash Park’s operability.

We understand the community’s frustrations, and we appreciate everyone’s patience while we work towards a solution.

Public Notice – Splash Park Update