Recently Health Canada and Alberta Environment
and Parks (AEP) has released new guidelines for
the testing of lead in drinking water. As such, the
Town of Fox Creek is now required to undertake a
one-time fact-finding mission and sample for lead
content in 20 residences throughout town.

We are seeking 20 individuals who would like to
have their residence sampled for lead content. The
results of this information will be shared with the
homeowner and AEP. Personal information
including address and lead content results will be
shared with AEP to help plan the next phase of
legislation. Homeowners/tenants will be notified of
lead sampling results within 14 days of the Town
receiving them.

There are no measurable levels of lead in drinking
water when it leaves our water treatment plants or
revealed though annual testing of the distribution
system. Historical data shows lead content in the
distribution system to be below the detectable
amount of .0002 mg/L, but lead may be found in tap
water for those homes with lead service line pipes,
or if it is present in lead plumbing and fixtures
inside your home.

In the event of an exceedance of the Maximum
Allowable Concentration of lead at a sample site, (5
ug/L or .005 mg/L), the Town of Fox Creek will
verify the service connection material, either at the
meter or via excavation of the service valve.

Download Lead Sampling Information Sheet
Download Lead Sampling Consent Form


The Town of Fox Creek Administration Office
if interested in participating.