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Façade Improvement Grant

The Town of Fox Creek offers a Business Beautification Grant each year for those in the Downtown Core area along Highway 43.

The Downtown Beautification Grant Program has been instituted by Fox Creek Town Council as an incentive to work together with property owners, encouraging a positive, memorable image to attract visitors, business and residents alike. In an effort to reinforce this image, Town Council has set aside funds to assist property owners located in the Downtown Core ( as identified in the Downtown Revitalization Plan 2016 ) to beautify their property by providing 50% of the cost of their beautification project to a maximum grant amount of $5000.00 to successful applicants.

Applications are due by September 30 of the year preceding the project.

Downtown Beautification Grant Brochure

PO66-2018-01 Facade Improvement Grant Policy

Facade Improvement Grant Application