This Board is on hiatus until further notice.

This board was initiated to develop an Economic Development and Tourism business plan that serves to enhance the Town of Fox Creek and immediate surrounding area. Members will provide guidance to the Economic Development Officer, assist Administration in the implementation of the strategies identified in the Economic Development Business Plan and recommend related strategies, ideas, solutions and opportunities.

The Committee will also serve as a conduit or collaboration channel to the public, business community or investors in support of development and prosperity of the business and tourism in Fox Creek and surrounding area.


Councillor Norman
Councillor Hailes
Tom Thompson
Michelle Williscroft
Glen Larsen
Dawn Knapp
Gord Mounce

MD Representative Councillor Dave Barry
MD Representative Councillor Ryan Ratzlaff
Board Member from the Chamber of Commerce
Retail Sector Representative
Restaurant/Hotel Representative
Industry Representative

Meeting Frequency:

Monthly at the Town Administration Office