The Smoke Free Public Places Bylaw regulates the consumption of Cannabis and/or Tobacco in any area or place where that person is prohibited from smoking under the Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act or any other Act or Bylaws of the Town. Under this Bylaw, consumption of Cannabis and/or Tobacco is prohibited within a 30 meter radius of:

  • A Recreation Facility;
  • A Public Park;
  • Any Town owned public facility;
  • An outdoor ‘special event,’ unless in a defined area specifically identified by the event organizer as a designated consumption area;
  • Where children are playing or congregating; or
  • The front entrance to a commercial building;
  • Consumption of recreation cannabis is prohibited in any form (smoking, vaping, and edibles) in Fox Creek Public Places.

The Bylaw does not prohibit a person from consuming cannabis at a residence.

Bylaw 814-2018 Smoke Free Public Places