Water Bylaw

2021-03-24T11:53:28-06:00March 24, 2021||

The Water Bylaw is pertaining to the water and sewer services within the Town of Fox Creek. The Water Bylaw Outlines: Water Supply Measures Water Demand Management Measures Ownership of Facilities Alternate Water Supply Resale [...]

Traffic Control Bylaw

2022-06-03T00:13:26-06:00March 24, 2021||

To provide for the regulation, control and management of vehicle and pedestrian traffic on streets, roads, alleys and sidewalks, and passage of dangerous goods, within the Town of Fox Creek. Bylaw 806-2018-A01 Traffic Control Amendment [...]

Tax Rates and Tax Penalties

2023-06-09T18:09:46-06:00March 24, 2021||

Bylaw 858-2021 Assessment Classes A bylaw to allow the Municipality to subdivide assessment classes. (e.g. Class 1: Residential Assessment Class has a sub-class for single family residences and one for multi family residences) Bylaw 870-2023 [...]

Taxi Bylaw

2021-03-24T11:50:38-06:00March 24, 2021||

The Town of Fox Creek Taxi Bylaw 767-2016 constitutes the licensing, regulating and controlling of taxis and taxi businesses within the Town of Fox Creek. Taxi Bylaw 767-2016