BY: Morgan Holeman

Meal prepping is a great strategy for eating healthier, saving money, and ensuring no food goes to waste! I used to be quite an expert on meal prepping back in my fitness competing days (I will never look at broccoli/chicken/rice the same), however I’ve fallen astray from this useful strategy and could really stand to take my own advice here!

Prepping your meals in advance may not be necessary all the time. But, it is great if you’ve got a busy week, work late, are on the go a lot, or just like to free up more time in your day for other things. Meal prepping also makes it easier to portion control and focus on healthy recipes, avoiding those mid-week slumps where ordering a pizza sounds so much better than cooking something fresh.

Meal prepping is not necessarily for everyone. It’s great for people who value convenience and efficiency more than variety. With meal prepping, you’re generally eating the same thing multiple days in a row. I find extreme value in meal prepping because it saves me time during the week and minimizes the tendency to eat out or make something “quick” (cereal should not be a ‘go to’!).

Here are a few tips that will help you get started with meal prepping: