Fox Creek Wellness- Smart Goals

Why is goal setting so important? Well, for starters, it helps you take control and direction of your life and gives you focus. We often set goals for ourselves unknowingly. However, making the conscious decision to create goals for yourself can be even more beneficial than not. One of the most commonly adopted goal setting tools (you may have heard of it!) is SMART .

Specific  *  Measurable  *  Attainable   *  Realistic   *   Time-bound

The purpose behind SMART goal setting is to make your goal specific so you can clearly track your progress and know whether or not you have met the goal. It is also very valuable to write goals down, as they then become more tangible and a visual reminder of what you’re working towards!

A common goal you hear people say, is “I want to lose weight”. How do we make that a SMART goal? Well, first it must be specific- I want to lose 10 lbs in 10 weeks. Then, it has to be measurable. In this case, weight can be measured with a scale. Next, is it attainable? With weight loss, we often overestimate what we want to lose, and underestimate the time it will take to achieve that. Sustainable weight loss is approximately half a pound to one pound lost per week. In this case, the goal of 1 pound per week is in fact attainable. Is it realistic? Do you have any big events coming up or travel plans that could de-rail this goal? And lastly, time-bound. The time frame for this goal is 10 weeks so there is a definitive end date.

We can set goals for anything… whether it’s a health-related goal, a financial goal, a productivity goal… it could be anything. Maybe you want to save x amount of dollars each month for a trip, or eat a green vegetable every day, or start training for a marathon!

For best success, it is also recommended that you tell someone about your goal to help keep you accountable.

Can you think of anything you’d like to set a goal for this upcoming month?