Women’s Health Day – April 22

This month is all about women’s health, and features two events you won’t want to miss!

Kayla Weiten, loves fitness and loves this town. Kayla, a resident of Fox Creek,  massage therapist since 2005,  yoga instructor since 2012 and recently a b.class®  instructor,  teamed up with the Fox Creek Greenview Multiplex in 2019  with her  vision to create a ‘Women’s Health Day.’

Now, in its third year, Women’s Health Day invites women to a fun filled day, free of the burdens of everyday life and maybe even inspire something new to pursue in future months.  The day introduces many forms of exercise and self-care, but it also gives women a judgement-free zone to try new activities, and also meet some or our exceptional local female entrepreneurs. The presenters share a common perspective that developing our physical strength along with mental confidence goes a long way to keeping our bodies healthy. 

Please join us this year  on Saturday, April 22 for an incredible day. 

Go Girls Conference – April 29

Equally important, Fox Creek hosts the annual, nationally recognized,  Go Girls Conference, a similar event for young ladies.  Multiple sessions encourage teens to establish life-long health awareness,  provide tools to enable healthy choices, and encourage participants to adopt healthy self-care practices.

Contact the CRC for details and registration.