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A Citizen focused vibrant sustainable community, embracing diversified partnerships and business and building upon small town family values … We have Energy!.

The Municipality of Fox Creek is vibrant and bustling. Known mainly for its bountiful wilderness, Fox Creek showcases the very best of the surrounding forests, lakes and wildlife, making it the perfect location for enjoying the outdoors. Fox Creek combines a serene wilderness experience, with small-town hospitality and first-class amenities. There are many attractions and activities, both indoor and outdoor, to keep you busy,  and the community offers all of the businesses and services you would hope to find!

  • The Iosegun Campground and the Smoke Lake Campground are now closed. The RV Campground willl remain open with services for a while longer, however it is not winter friendly so the [...]

  • Derald Palmer Memorial Arena Located on the corner of 2nd Avenue and 1st Street Phone: 780.622.3472 Facility Rental: 780.622.2989 Email: recreation@foxcreek.ca Recreation Manager: Mitch Carter 780.622.7745 Home to Fox Creek’s Minor [...]

  • The Fox Creek Library The Fox creek Library is a great example of what volunteers can accomplish. Over the years many, many citizens of Fox Creek [...]

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Fox Creek is a great place to call home! We have it all … exciting job opportunities, good neighbourhoods, excellent education and health care facilities and plenty to do in your leisure time.



Fox Creek – the place to do business in Northern Alberta. We offer a bro-business climate with superior economic opportunities in the busiest little Town in Alberta.

Wed 03Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) Member Recruitment

SDAB Recruitment Media Release (download) >. The Town of Fox Creek is recruiting volunteers for (2) members for the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board The [...]

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  • Thu 03Fox Creek Multi-Use Facility

    Click here to see the most recent drawings of the Fox Creek Multi-Use Facility >    

  • Thu 03Town of Fox Creek – Finance Updates

    The Operating and Capital Budget for the Town of Fox Creek was approved by Town Council at the February 13, 2017 Council meeting. Please see [...]

  • Thu 03Land for Sale – 30% Tax Credit Offered

    For more information, visit http://www.alberta.ca/promoting-trade-investment.aspx Minister Bilous describes the program as one that “[refunds] 30 per cent on investments to Alberta small businesses across a variety of sectors. [...]